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Forged carbono fiber watch cases,custom CFRP composites watch cases manufacturer
Carbon fiber watch case,OEM carbon fiber watch case wholesale

Carbon Fiber Wactch cases

-- Custom CFRP composites watch cases ,unique surface

We can customize carbon fiber watch cases based on clients' designs.The carbon cases with unique surfaces are made from laminated carbon fibre.
Advantages of carbon fiber cases:


  • Light weight

  • High strength

  • Unique surfaces



Carbon watch case,carbon case production

Custom made carbon case

Carbon fiber watch cases,OEM carbon fiber watch case wholesale

Custom made carbon case

carbon cases,carbon fiber watch case manufacturers

Carbon Fiber Laminated

There are other options for carbon fiber watch cases

Our clients also choose full forged carbon fiber plates, full 3K CFRP composite panels or unidirectional carbon fiber sheets for cutting carbon fiber watch cases.

Forged carbon fiber plate 15mm,Full forged carbon sheets
unidirectional carbon fiber sheets,carbon cases
Twill Matt 3mm Carbon Fiber Plate,Full 3K carbon fiber plates for watch cases
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